Engage USA makes its debut on the inaugural list of Frederick's Top 50 Businesses for 2017!

In a partnership between the Frederick County Office of Economic Development and Frederick Magazine, the Frederick OED just published its first official list of the 2017 Top 50 Businesses in Frederick County, Maryland.

Proudly making our appearance at #18 is Engage USA!


The OED made its ranking based on a weighted scoring system analyzing a variety of factors, including date established, number of Frederick resident employees, sales volume, and square footage occupied in Frederick County.  

All of these factors are meant to determine a business' total potential to improve and contribute to the economy of Frederick County.

Located on North East Street--a hop, skip, and jump from the heart of downtown--Engage has always been a proud member and supporter of Frederick.  Asked "what would surprise people about your business," our CEO Dennis Hoffman had this to say:

"Many of your donations to national and international nonprofit organizations are processed right here in Frederick.  We partner locally with Woodsboro Bank and nationally with Bank of America, M&T Bank, and Wells Fargo to quickly and inexpensively get both money and data where it is needed."

Though Frederick residents may not realize it, the contributions they make to the causes closest to their hearts just may be getting to where they need to go after a short pitstop in little ole Frederick.

We're over the moon to be recognized by the OED and Frederick Magazine--especially for doing our part to contribute to our hometown!  Thank you so much, and of course, thank you to all of our team members at Engage--you guys rock!