The Dating Game: Keeping It Spicy



Any relationship expert will tell you that the key to a happy long-term partnership is keeping the spark that got you two together alive.  The same is true for your donors.

“How is this letter different from the last?”  “Why should our donors help this time?”  “What about this letter is new or urgent?”  And “what about this letter will renew our donors’ excitement about our cause and inspire them to make another contribution?”

Because like your spouse or significant other, your donors support you and want to stand by your side.  But they still need to be reminded every once in a while about the passion that brought you together in the first place.

If you’re fundraising for a local animal rescue, tell your donor how many cats and dogs found their forever homes each month because of your donor’s support.  Is your organization working to pass an important bill?  Tell your donor about each new cosponsor and how it gets you closer to your goal.  And if your group is working to provide English language instruction to non-English speakers?  Why not provide a short bio on someone who went on to get a great job and build a great life for their family after completing classes?

When you’re passionate about your cause, there’s no shortage of new and exciting developments for you to share with your donors.  After all, they’ve already showed you that they’re just as passionate about your cause as you.  They’re just waiting for you to remind them.

So, if it seems like you’ve fallen into a rut with your donors, don’t worry!  Even though the fire seems to have died down, there’s a bed of coals underneath.  Get that fire going again and never stop trying to excite and engage your donors.